Granite and Marble Work
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At G. Spiteri & Sons Ltd we make sure to trade only the highest-quality materials available on the market, keeping in line with the company’s philosophy that the client’s satisfaction is our best guarantee!

We supply a large selection of materials which can be used both for domestic buildings and corporate structures.

Among the vast range of materials we supply are Marble, Granite, Sandstone, Slate and Lava Stone (Basalt). We also specialize in Limestone, Culture Stone, Mosaic Tiles and Terrazzo Tiles.  

We also have a very rich selection of Quartz, which has become a particularly preferred choice for kitchens and stairs, and we are also renowned for delivering very beautiful wall designs made from Hard Stone.

Our high-quality materials can be used for all types of different projects, including floors, walls, stairs, facades and paving. We also specialize in kitchen tops, vanity tops and counter tops. We have also created some incredibly artistic columns and fountains, and have adorned many swimming pools with non-slip granite and other safe materials, and have also designed various fireplaces.

We are also at the forefront when it comes to Tombstone Monuments, which we deliver complete with engraving and other details.